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Los Angeles City Council Member, District 6

This is a special election to fill the seat vacated by Tony Cardenas, who resigned when he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. The Sixth District is located in the San Fernando Valley, encompassing the communities of Van Nuys and Sun Valley. The most prominent names among the six candidates are LAUSD board member Nury Martinez and former Assemblywoman Cindy Montanez. Other candidates include student Walter Alexander Escobar, businessman Richard Valdez, senior government advisor Derek Waleko and community activist J. Roy Garcia. If no candidate wins 50 percent of the vote, a runoff will be held on July 23.Recent coverage: Police union backs Nury Martinez for LA City CouncilRace for Tony Cardenas' Los Angeles 6th District Council seat draws six candidates
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    Walter Alexander Escobar (N) Student

  • J. Roy Garcia (N)

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    Nury Martinez (N) Non-Profit Executive Director and School Board Member

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    Cindy Montañez (N) Candidate for Los Angeles City Council

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    Richard Valdez (N) Real Estate Broker/Self employed

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    Derek Waleko (N) Senior Government Advisor

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What is the number 1 issue you hope to address in office? How would you do it?

What prompted you to run for political office?

Campaign Phone (818) 414-5917
Age 24
City Panorama City
The single most important issue facing LA is that no one is willing to fight for what is right. Everyone wants to keep the status quo because they are afraid of the people in control. Special interests can buy candidates for the right price. I will stand and fight against special interests and expose them wherever they may be. I have no one manipulating me or controlling me. A city councilmember serves at the pleasure of his constituency. I do not have to please a politician or a corporation. I will be beholden only to the people of District 6. The system has been destroyed by special interests and LA is getting itself into a deeper hole because no one stands up against them. The City of Los Angeles is near bankruptcy. With all these special interests in control, they will drive the city faster into bankruptcy and it will affect blue collar workers.
The reason why I am running is because I am tired of these same politicians who have been part of the same political machine for the last 10, 15, or 20 years, who have promised but never accomplished. Those politicians have other people to please and it is not the people of District 6. The two top candidates, Nury Martines and Cindy Montanez, decided to move into the district just to run. It is sad to see that for them, it is a political game just jumping from position to position while the people are left to suffer. Are their loyalty to the people of District 6 or to the people funding their campaigns? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.
Campaign Phone (818) 982-8394
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Campaign Phone (818) 962-0047
Age 40
City Sun Valley, CA
I am running for City Council to create a cleaner, safer, more prosperous San Fernando Valley. As your City Councilmember, I will focus on the everyday problems our families face, and won’t let the Valley continue to get shortchanged by insiders at City Hall.

As the executive director of an environmental non-profit, I helped clean up the abandoned Price Pfister plant and turn this former environmental superfund into an economic development opportunity. Working with the community, we brought in new businesses and 400 local,good-paying jobs to what is now Plaza Pacoima.

When business as usual at City Hall threatened to close the Van Nuys Aviation Center, I took swift action to keep the school open and preserve its good jobs and career training for Valley residents. Many of the graduates of this program go on to good-paying, middle class jobs right here in the Valley.

It's this experience, rooted in the values of family and community, that I will bring to City Council.
I am running for City Council in the San Fernando Valley to build safer, stronger neighborhoods with thriving small businesses and high-performing local public schools. My values were shaped by family and community. I grew up in the Valley, so I understand the struggles our families face.

Every day, driving around the community, I see the potential for City projects that will create jobs and improve the quality of life in CD 6. When I drive down Van Nuys Boulevard, I see how a smart economic development strategy could attract new businesses and local jobs to this commercial corridor. On my way home, I see the 40 acre Cesar Chavez Park that will need a relentless advocate on the City Council to find more funding for future construction phases. Every time I see one of our police officers or fire fighters out serving the community, I am reminded of how we need to fight to fully fund public safety so that all of our City's residents can count on fast emergency response times.
Campaign Phone (818) 794-9466
Age 40
City Van Nuys
I am firmly committed to creating jobs and bringing basic services our constituents deserve back in to focus, ensuring sidewalk repair, graffiti clean-ups, potholes, broken streetlights, and other neighborhood issues are fixed in a timely manner. Throughout my professional career, I have fought to ensure that the San Fernando Valley receives its fair share of government and city resources, and I will continue that effort on the Los Angeles City Council.
Foor too long, our neighborhoods have been neglected by the downtown interests. I have an effective record of working for our community, of fighting for safter communities, for good jobs and excellent public schools, for more parks and libraries, better public transportation and affordable housing. I want to re-invest in our communities and make sure that the services our constituents deserve are being provided.
Corruption at City Hall. The "Special Interest" entities pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into our elections, which creates a conflict of interest atmosphere for our representatives. This has also lead to a lack of confidence in them. I will represent with community based governance, I will not be controlled by political strings, and I will be fair and objective by listening to all sides.
Over the years, we have been more likely to have an earthquake than to have a community town hall meeting with our City Council member. Our community has been neglected and our representatives have lacked the COURAGE to fight for our fair share of funds and resources. That is why we see graffiti, potholes, prostitution, crime, and closed businesses in our communities.

On May 21, you will have an opportunity to vote VALDEZ and send a strong message that our district is not for sale! “If you want change, vote for Richard Valdez. If you want the usual, vote for the usual Politicians.”
Campaign Phone (818) 600-1675
Age 32
City Van Nuys
Jobs, because financial stress at home carries over to children, family, friends, schools, community, and our health. Getting Angelenos back to work is key to increasing quality of life for the stakeholders of the sixth district and to fixing our city's never ending budget crisis. By leveraging my international business background and being a champion of small and medium sized business I will bring jobs through the redevelopment of the Van Nuys Blvd and a district-focused export program that will bring great paying jobs through home grown Made in America products and services. I am the most experienced candidate able to accomplish these task, to learn more please review my website In addition, I will make sure our youth understands money before they head off to college with financial education in our schools, I will dramatically reduce the Sepulveda Blvd. prostitution problem with my Lighthouse initiative, and reduce crime, graffiti & the homeless in our district.
I am the most experienced candidate running and I understand the leadership needed in order to guide our community, district, city, and economy forward. We need an international trade plan to create jobs. We need better schools for our kids. We need redevelopment plans to foster growth. We need beautification programs to improve the quality of life. We need stronger advocacy for animal protection and we need equal rights agendas for all. I’ve spent countless hours in my home district in the San Fernando Valley visiting different neighborhoods and listening to the concerns of our residents to better understand what the people of CD 6 need from a representative. People are understandably frustrated with government and simply want more than a band-aid approach. We need jobs because financial stress at home carries over to children, family, friends, schools, community, and health. Without clear priorities and goals for our district and its future, repeated failures loom ahead.